Features covered by the SEO

  1. Optimising the keyword : By using a keyword planner, list all the  relevant keywords that have low competition and high search volume. Build backlinks to your site, once you start to insert those keywords. To get ranked, insert the keywords into the website pages. Build backlinks from other sites to yours on these keywords. You may also try getting the infographics and submit it in various directories and blogs with your backlink.
  2. Increasing the popularity on trustworthy sites : Links helps search engines to analyse different weights like authority, trust and spam. It also helps the search engine to analyse the popularity. Through links, trustworthy sites tend to link to other trusted sites and hence it is automatically optimised by the search engine.
  3. User experience,Content enhancement and Usability : Ranking includes factors such as – relevance of the query and the information provided, ability to access to modern browsers, Providing high content delivery, Ease of access to a site and so on. The more the ease of usage, the higher the ranking.
  4. Metrics of Engagement :  Search engines measures the ranking success  on different factors. One of them being the offered product itself. Different products have different engagement metrics. The longer you spend your time, the better the ranking status.