SEO with Google Analytics: Part-1

This post is part of a series which I have started on my blog. The series will contain 5 parts and in each part I will discuss one way to use Google Analytics for your successful business SEO report.

Google Analytics! The most hyped tool is deemed to be the best free tool available to track your SEO.

By clicking Channel Grouping report one can look into the  Organic Search traffic. The steps are as follows – Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. It is the place where you can find the segmented sources of your traffic. ‘Organic Search’ shows an in-depth report of the organic search traffic metrics. This report is crucial to the SEO reporting. It is this report that helps you to figure out the top most landing pages for search traffic, the efficient keywords that is driving the most traffic, the type of the search engines that are channelling the most traffic and everything and anything related to your traffic.



15 Replies to “SEO with Google Analytics: Part-1”

  1. I definitely try and track my google analytics every few days and see where I’m getting my traffic from. Just recently figured out how to use the keywords which was helpful!

  2. I’m so excited for this series. SEO has always felt elusive to me and it’ll be fun to learn how to track it via the analytic data I’m already collecting.

  3. Honestly Google Analytics is pretty much the basic and one of the most important tools you need for your website, whether a blog or business website.

  4. Am still in the learning process on understand Google Analytics
    And I am glad I visited your post. Thanks!

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