Top 3 ways to find the most searched keywords

Billions of searches are performed each day on famous engines like google and social networking websites by means of human beings all over the globe. However, what precisely do these human beings look for?

Google trends:

It allows to figure out  which keywords have got the maximum search volume. It is like a diary, which records the search volume along with its date and year. Besides the search volume, it also keep a data of the sub-regions, languages, categories, image or product search. If you want to find out what is trending right now, look no further and simply type it into the Google Trends – Hot Searches.


Google Auto-complete:

This feature allows an individual to get faster results to a search query. Many of you have seen that once you start typing in the Google ‘search bar’ , words  appears in the background. Basically this is what GoogleAuto- complete is.

Google Auto-complete uses an algorithm which uses the example of your past searches related to the subject and recommends it. Sometimes, popular search items are also recommended. It is a mini display of the wide array of information available on the web.The ultimate search result is personalise for the convenience of the user.

Twitter Search:

Twitter search make use of the keywords to present you with the most talked/highlighted topics. It can easily identify the different hashtags used and present you the results immediately. its fast, easy and convenient. Advances search have got many other options. You can easily use an emoticon to discover tweets with a specific attitude and vibe.

YouTube keyword:

key-word pointers for phrases you input with month-to-month seek quantity on YouTube. As one in all the most important search engines like google and yahoo, this keyword list will monitor treasured insights as to how humans seek when they may be looking for video media specially, in preference to preferred search engine queries.

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  1. I use google keyword tool for finding the most search keywords. But because of your tips, i will consider looking up via twitter too!

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