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Growing a listing of keywords is one of the foremost step in any Search Engine Optimisation initiative. Keywords and SEO are directly linked when it comes to running a feasible search marketing campaign. Because keywords are the foundation for all of your other SEO efforts, it is actually well worth the time and investment to ensure your SEO keywords are highly relevant to your audience and effectively arranged for action.

Google’s Keyword Planner tool is a notable, free, easy-to-use tool for performing SEO keyword research. It not only provides keywords and an insight into search volume, but also predicts the price of running paid campaigns . To determine volume for a particular keyword, make sure to create the ‘Match Type’ to appear under Local regular monthly searches. Don’t forget that these represent total searches. Depending on your ranking and click-through rate, there will be much fewer visitors.

How to find out the perfect keyword:

Test and more test will help you to reach a viable and reliable hypothesis to rely onto. If we know our own website and all the fringes that comes with it, surely we will be able to find out the best keyword for ourselves.

Apparently, long tail keywords are more useful as that gives a more sharp insight on the customer preferences.

SEO Vs Adwords : 5 top comparisons

Adwords and SEO are the two most important supplements of SEM – Search Engine Marketing and are amongst your most precious tools while preparing for virtual advertising campaigns.

Both of them have got similarities and differences. You can use SEO and Adwords together or separately. Let’s dive into the deep end!

What is Google Adwords?

In the world of digital advertising and marketing, the words like Adwords,campaigns and so on can be heard very frequently. You may not be familiar with the terms but, after reading the following excerpt, you will get a full idea of it.

Google Adwords is an advertising platform from Google. Adwords enable companies to place an advert on Google and other Google advertising places. The advertiser have to pay if a person clicks on the advert or when people actually visit/see their ad.

What is SEO?

Seo or Search Engine Optimisation has to do with the ranking of your website in the Search Results page. The better the SEO the better the ranking. Search Engine Optimisation ensures that your website is search engine friendly.

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Adwords Vs SEO:  Let’s compare them!

(1) Adwords is exclusively for the Google Platform whereas, SEO is for all the search engine.

(2) For Adwords, you have to pay per click, and SEO is organic but you have to continuously work to maintain the rank of your website.

(3) Adwords can give an instant result to be placed in the desired place on the Google search engine but, SEO may take time to show up the website in places. Though there is no guarantee that SEO will help your website to be ranked higher up in the search results.

(4) It is easier to calculate the ROI with Adwords. But with Search Engine Optimisation, it is not easy as a lot more elements  to consider apart from the spending and revenue.

(5) Unlike SEO, AdWords gives better exposure of your website as it runs on numerous other registered Google Ads Websites.


Top 3 ways to find the most searched keywords

Billions of searches are performed each day on famous engines like google and social networking websites by means of human beings all over the globe. However, what precisely do these human beings look for?

Google trends:

It allows to figure out  which keywords have got the maximum search volume. It is like a diary, which records the search volume along with its date and year. Besides the search volume, it also keep a data of the sub-regions, languages, categories, image or product search. If you want to find out what is trending right now, look no further and simply type it into the Google Trends – Hot Searches.


Google Auto-complete:

This feature allows an individual to get faster results to a search query. Many of you have seen that once you start typing in the Google ‘search bar’ , words  appears in the background. Basically this is what GoogleAuto- complete is.

Google Auto-complete uses an algorithm which uses the example of your past searches related to the subject and recommends it. Sometimes, popular search items are also recommended. It is a mini display of the wide array of information available on the web.The ultimate search result is personalise for the convenience of the user.

Twitter Search:

Twitter search make use of the keywords to present you with the most talked/highlighted topics. It can easily identify the different hashtags used and present you the results immediately. its fast, easy and convenient. Advances search have got many other options. You can easily use an emoticon to discover tweets with a specific attitude and vibe.

YouTube keyword:

key-word pointers for phrases you input with month-to-month seek quantity on YouTube. As one in all the most important search engines like google and yahoo, this keyword list will monitor treasured insights as to how humans seek when they may be looking for video media specially, in preference to preferred search engine queries.

SEO with Google Analytics: Part-1

This post is part of a series which I have started on my blog. The series will contain 5 parts and in each part I will discuss one way to use Google Analytics for your successful business SEO report.

Google Analytics! The most hyped tool is deemed to be the best free tool available to track your SEO.

By clicking Channel Grouping report one can look into the  Organic Search traffic. The steps are as follows – Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. It is the place where you can find the segmented sources of your traffic. ‘Organic Search’ shows an in-depth report of the organic search traffic metrics. This report is crucial to the SEO reporting. It is this report that helps you to figure out the top most landing pages for search traffic, the efficient keywords that is driving the most traffic, the type of the search engines that are channelling the most traffic and everything and anything related to your traffic.



Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program that many people from bloggers to big YouTube stars like PewDiePie and JonTron use to make money by displaying Google ads on their blog or channel. Once you sign up for AdSense you get a code to use on your site. When you use AdSense you can decide how ads appear on your page and what kind of ads you accept. By letting Google advertise on your blog/website/YouTube channel etc. you will get a portion of the advertising revenue. The amount of money you make is based on impressions (the views of the page the ads are placed on) and clicks (how many clicks the ads get) and you should know that Google do not want you clicking on these ads yourself or encouraging friends and family to do so. Apparently Google can find out if you’ve done this and ban you from using AdSense. You should also know that if the average amount of clicks you get suddenly goes up by a large amount this can also get you banned. Continue reading “Google AdSense”

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, search engine optimization, is an essential thing to understand for anyone operating a website. To gain as much traffic as possible you will want to have your website appear on the first page of a search engine like Google (which most people use) and there are two steps to accomplishing this. The first step is to make your website appear to people looking for whatever it is that your site is about by having words related to that thing appear on your website frequently. To explain this let’s say that your website is about video games for example. You will want to use words related to video games repeatedly on your website without overdoing it and have the words video games or maybe just games in your URL. Continue reading “Search Engine Optimization”

Fun SEO facts:

Statistics are good to know as they enable to choose the better from the best.  It helps you to be more decisive than to get buried into thoughts of what happens next. Here are 5 of the most interesting facts compiled from around the web.

25% of SEO is done on the page, and the rest is done off the page (hubspot).

70-80% of users are ignorant of the  the paid ads. They focus on the organic results (

30% of the paid links are  clicked on by search users (searchenginejournal).

75% of user clicks on the top 5 search results (hubspot).

70% of the search engine market share is owned by Google (km3media).

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Features covered by the SEO

  1. Optimising the keyword : By using a keyword planner, list all the  relevant keywords that have low competition and high search volume. Build backlinks to your site, once you start to insert those keywords. To get ranked, insert the keywords into the website pages. Build backlinks from other sites to yours on these keywords. You may also try getting the infographics and submit it in various directories and blogs with your backlink.
  2. Increasing the popularity on trustworthy sites : Links helps search engines to analyse different weights like authority, trust and spam. It also helps the search engine to analyse the popularity. Through links, trustworthy sites tend to link to other trusted sites and hence it is automatically optimised by the search engine.
  3. User experience,Content enhancement and Usability : Ranking includes factors such as – relevance of the query and the information provided, ability to access to modern browsers, Providing high content delivery, Ease of access to a site and so on. The more the ease of usage, the higher the ranking.
  4. Metrics of Engagement :  Search engines measures the ranking success  on different factors. One of them being the offered product itself. Different products have different engagement metrics. The longer you spend your time, the better the ranking status.